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© 2018 Devika Narayan

Teaching Objectives and Experience 

My primary goal is to help students de-individualize social phenomena while simultaneously showing that sociology illuminates personal, lived experiences in powerful ways. I aim to incubate new questions that leave students less certain about the assumptions they entered the classroom with, but also more curious and better skilled to find the answers they seek. I achieve these objectives by promoting analytical and reflective thinking. At the University of Minnesota, I have: 

  • Instructed a Social Theory ​course for undergraduates (online).

  • Mentored students working on their senior thesis projects. 

  • Facilitated and led discussions for students of "Introduction to Sociology" 

  • Been a Teaching Assistant for classes on Social Inequality and Social Theory. 

  • Designed a course on the Sociology of Work 

  • Given numerous guest lectures on themes ranging from the New Digital Economy to  Karl Polanyi's writings  to Qualitative Research Methods. 

  • Completed "Teaching Sociology," an intensive course by the department of sociology, U of MN.